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Supply various digital AR games that can be used in aquariums, events or playgrounds. These games may make your venues become an internet sensation overnight. The games can capture attendees’ authentic images and separate the body images, immersing them in the virtual seabed. The player can interact with the virtual elements or species on that site. The host can embed ads and brands into the game. We have developed different kinds of aquarium games, like diving in the sea, fighting with sea monsters, fishing, and submarine challenge, which makes the hosts choose corresponding game styles to match their situation, engaging visitors to play again and again.

Aquarium Games Augmented Reality Games

Bubble Under The Sea

Support 1-2 people to experience at the same time, wave bubble bullets, hit props to get points, Support adding a Logo, and replacing game content.

Submarine Challenge

Support 1-4 people to experience at the same time, Move your head and body to control the submarine to avoid obstacles. Support adding a Logo, and replacing game content.

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ar interactive wall Fishing Sea Monster
The Underwater World Fishing Sea Monster
Support 1-2 people to experience at the same time, Let you appear in the underwater world and interact with underwater animals. Support 1-2 people to experience at the same time, Experience the joy of fishing Support 1-2 people to experience at the same time, Wave your hands to fire cannonballs, and design monsters swimming over the sea.
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Aquarium GamesYour purchase includes one theme of your choice and you can purchase additional themes separately. We also have a discounted package rate for all the themes. Contact us for more information.

Product Set Up

interactive experience

1.Receive sensor interactive signals
2.Run interactive software
Display Device
Any kind of digital display device like  projector, Led screen, or monitor.etc

Sensor/Kinect v2.0
Detect interactive signals and transmit them to interactive software.


Display resolution: Regular 1920 *1200(HD) or less
Prepared yourself kits: computer, desplay device, KINECT2.0+adaptor, cables.
Display Device:

LEDs,projectors, or LCD screens

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Aquarium Games is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of AR games and virtual reality. Aquarium Games are played in the form of projection, requiring players to engage in physical movements such as jumping, swinging, bending, etc. to interact with game characters. This game approach can allow players to be more immersive and enjoy the immersion and fun of the game. At the same time, physical games are also beneficial for exercising players' physical coordination ability and reaction speed. It is widely used in AR games and virtual reality.

Aquarium Games, also known as Augmented reality games, ar interactive wall, Interactive Aquarium,  interactive experience or AR games, are commonly used in multimedia interactive venues such as children's parks, amusement parks, mischievous castles, schools, and parent-child interaction sites. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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