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Projection Mapping Software


Projection Blending

projection mapping


Projection Mapping Software is almost an essential part of projector systems. It can determine the final visual effect of projectors. For example, it can combine multiple projection pictures to form a large picture without any seams, which ought to be obvious on the edge areas of the two projectors next to each other. Also, the Projection Mapping Software can set which parts are displayed or which are not. In addition, it supports geometric correction that can change the projection display area to any shape to map the actual using situation. Finally, it can adjust each projector’s brightness and colours to make all the projectors’ colours look the same.

Projection Mapping Software

More Schemes

Video mapping software

202212201808269a95ac2b0dd4400da40ea1fcfc9b596b Wall And Floor Combine ●

Merge Wall projection area and floor projection area as a whole set.


Immersive Room

Merge three wall projection areas and the ground projection areas as an immersive space that surrounds the experience, allowing the experience to feel the immersive effect.


Special Shape

Our Fusion software not only support 

Normal shape projection area merge but also support 360° ring curtains, special-shaped curtains, folding curtains, etc.

dome projection

Dome Projection

Our projection mapping software services are fully equipped to calibrate visuals for various types of domes.

Feature Advantage

Simple Operation

projector calibration software

visual operation interface, All settings are operated through the interface. Run automatically at boot

Geometric Correction

immersive dome

Geometric correction: supports any surface geometric correction, achieving precise adjustment and display of a 40*40 grid (including surface geometric correction and spherical geometric correction).

Color Technology

Fusion software

supports projector color consistency and projector brightness difference adjustment, Projection overlap area is not obvious, and Fusion is more natural.

Remote Control

Remote Control

supports network remote control, we can installation it by TeamViwer.

Powerful Function

Powerful Function

1.Multi-window display: supports multi-window display on the same screen

2.3D function: media fusion desktop fusion;

3.Supports control through data protocols such as TCP, UDP, serial port;

4.Remote image loading: Supports remote image loading. Images can be uploaded directly to the Media Server through the network and displayed immediately

Projection Mapping Content

Projection mapping content

We have created 20 immersive video sources covering various themes such as nature, underwater, and more. You can choose any of these themes to enhance the immersive experience of your room for visitors.

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Real Case Scenario

3before fusion



Finished fusion

Product Set Up

Fusion software


support any resolution projector


Control the software, can support booting the software to start automatically.

Projector screen

screen displays the computer image signal,spport multi-projector combine.


Display area and resolution: Unlimited
Numbers of projectors: maximum 64
Ambient light: Moderate or less
Using environment: Indoor or outdoors
Nuclear function:

Image geometric correction and fusion

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Projection Mapping Software is one of the top-rated and applied products in the field of Projection mapping and Immersive projection. Blending Software uses projection to play, integrate and project multiple media contents. Through this system, numerous media forms such as text, images, audio, and video can be combined and presented to achieve more prosperous and more vivid information transmission and display effects. It is widely used in Projection mapping and Immersive projection.

Edge Blending Software, is also called as Projection mapping software, projector edge blending, soft edge blending, Fusion software or Projection Blending,  is typically used in multimedia interactive venues such as exhibition halls, museums, and technology museums. 

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