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interactive night walk

Creative-sensitive Lights

Unique and artistic interactive light installations, all presented here are mature products. Their size and shape can be customized to your needs. These installations can be applied to outdoor environments, and they are all waterproof to IP65 level.

Dreamy Breath of Light

Interactive Lights

Blow gently into the light,The lights will light up in sequence. Support 2 modes: change color arbitrarily after blowing or light up in sequence after blowing

The size of the ball can be customized, and more shape customization can also be supported.

Touch color Tube


Multiple light colors are available, just touch the pillar lightly to create a dreamy color change effect. The cylinder can change color according to gesture changes, and can also make sounds.

The size can be customized according to the site conditions. The current finished products are 1 meter, 1.5 meters, and 2 meters, with a diameter of 10-15cm.

Shape: square tube, round tube

Pixel Art lights

fThe colorful pixel light is a touch-sensitive lighting interactive device. Each lamp is an independent module, allowing visitors to change the color of the light by touching it with their hands, thus forming a larger picture.



LED dance floor

LED dance floor

These units consist of LED Pads with interactive sensing devices. When the LED Pad senses gravity, it changes colors and can be connected to a stereo with sound.

It has a variety of different exterior shapes and lighting mode settings, including square, round, piano keys, and more.


Glow Bench

interactive light installation art

When no one interacts, it can be used as a normal seat. When someone sits on it, there will be a rainbow of light changes. Light modes and colors can be set.

There are a variety of shapes to choose from, and the appearance shape also supports customization.


Motion-sensitive Lights

Artistic lighting interactive devices use advanced sensing technology and intelligent control systems to achieve precise responses to portrait capture, motion sensing, and triggers like blowing air or knocking. We offer complete lighting solutions and can also provide customized services and technical solutions for your creative device ideas.

Projection Light

Projection light

All in one interactive floor machine that is easy to install

Easy install, Plug, and use.

·Support customized games, we can provide SDK/API.

·Waterproof and Temperature control.

·Support multiple splicing, suitable for any size.


shadow chasing light

digital arts experienceUsing advanced sensing technology and intelligent lighting system. When people move next to the interactive device, with the help of precise sensors, the light can quickly and accurately follow the movement of the figure, showing a smooth chasing effect. The figure shape can be customized and can also be displayed through the LED screen.


Smart Walkway Lights

Enchanted Night WalkUsing the interactive sensing control system, the lights on the track can interact with people's footsteps. For example, it will change color or brightness with the speed or direction of the person's running. The length, width and size of the track are not limited.


Body-controlled light dance

interactive sound light installation

In the sensing area of the dance floor, the cool beam of light effect will generate interactive lighting effects with the movement of the player's hands. There are a variety of modes to choose from, and their sizes and shapes can also be customized:

Step 1 Doodle at will.

2. Control cartoon shape movement.

3. Support changing the background.


Drum optical flow

Interactive Lights

Players control colorful and cool lights by hitting a drum-like instrument. Each time the visitor hits the drum surface, a light spot will be generated to flow along the light to the glowing ball in the middle. The faster you hit, the more lights will be generated.

The length can be customized, and the lighting shape in the middle can also be customized.

Touch light painting (wall/floor)

Interactive Lighting Installation

The touch light device that can be interacted by many people at the same time, placed on the wall, can be changed into the flower roll you want by graffiti on the light at will. Placed on the ground, you can follow your footsteps to present different light colors and pictures.

Shadow Fantasy World

Interactive Shadow LightsMotion tracking Shadow Light Interaction is an immersive art installation that combines light and sound. When people enter the sensing area, light shadows will be automatically generated, and the light shadows will move synchronously with human movement in real time. The background screen can be customized

Art Deco Lighting

Various types of decorative artistic lighting are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, featuring professional waterproof ratings. We offer customization services for images, colors, and designs.

Light installation art

Art Beam Light

Light installation art

Fluorescent Forest

Light installation art

Art Iamge Light

Light installation art

Magic Fog Door

Light installation art

Time Tunnel

Light installation art

Grass Firefly

Light installations

Tree pendant light

Light installations

Plant modeling lamp

Light installations

Animal modeling lamp


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