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Holographic Fan

portable hologram projector

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Multiple modes of control

New Technology Smart Wifi function, Remote ControlScreen Switching, Upload Video, splicing screen, clustersharing with the attached remote control, simple switchinginternal content, support remote control

led fan


By downloading the exclusive APP controlling the advertising machine with yourphone has never been more convenient: upload content, manage content anddevices, adjust brightness and angles, schedule power on/off, create and editmaterials, and more. All these features are readily available.supports both ios and Android.



No need for a professional content creation team. Generate 3D videos with a singleclick using the APP ready to play without any hassle.


Massive Library of material

The new version is a departure from the old, cumbersomeway to download material, the phone APP Directly UploadNew Material, quickly change pictures and videos,for your publicity to create more entrepreneurship and possible


New Upgrade betterimaging

High-definition precision warm color LED light beads,real clear and bright colors, about 1.7 times the clarityof the old style, the screen up to 2K quality,so that the display screen more rich texture



More than just 3d playback, the new phone features screenprojection, playing games, watching movies, corporatepresentations, etc.,feeling like a dream-likescene interweaves, making the display diverse


2 Types Hologram Human Solutions

Hologram Fan solution
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Transparent showcase
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Ingenious craft

Originality process

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picture hologram

hologram display

spinning hologram fan

spinning led display

Product Package & Installation Method

hologram fan package

Feature & Advantage

1. Intelligent chip control, material transmission, and firmware update are faster, while protecting the current and voltage of the entire machine and reducing heat. 2. Using high-brightness RGB lamp beads, the picture quality is still clearly visible under outdoor sunlight.
3. Precision LED lamp beads have low continuous use cost and the power of a single unit is only 35W. 4. Made of aluminum alloy body, strong, fast heat dissipation without opening holes, and strong stability.
5. Remote OTA upgrade, scheduled playback, scheduled screen projection, multiple units can be spliced. 6. Various application scenarios: exhibitions, online celebrity check-in points, shop decoration, facade decoration, advertising

How Does It Work

hologram display portable hologram projector

HDMI Version

Wireless Version


fan projector


The holographic fan uses the principle of persistence of human vision (POV) technology to achieve 3D holographic visual enhancement effect, air suspension, and holographic stereoscopic display effect through high-speed rotation imaging of ultra-high-density LED light strips.

Powered by patented proprietary design, 3D Hologram serves as a portable holographic display, perfect for creating point-of-sale impact wherever you want. What better way of grabbing attention for your product or service than a big colourful 3D hologram floating in mid-air!

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The portable hologram projector is one of the most popular and applied products in the fields of hologram projectors and virtual images. It uses LED lights or laser light sources to project 3D images onto rotating blades in a special way, forming a continuous visual image in the air through the high-speed rotating blades. This device can create a highly three-dimensional effect, similar to 3D holographic images, while also producing a "floating in the air" effect. It is widely used for hologram projectors and virtual images.

Holographic Fan, also known as LED fan, 3D holographic projector fan,spin hologram,hologram display,hologram kit, spinning hologram fan, fan projector, portable hologram projector, spinning led display, picture hologram or hologram fan, is commonly used in multimedia interactive venues such as tourist attractions, exhibition halls, museums, science and technology museums, school history halls, drug control exhibition halls, themed exhibition halls, shopping malls, scenic spots, restaurants, etc. You can see them in the "Movies and Animations" category.

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